MeeTimer 0.12

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We all procrastinate sometimes, either reading the online newspaper, browsing blogs or playing addictive Flash games. A bit of distraction that bad but if it gets out of control it may end up affecting our productivity. This is where this Firefox extension may come in handy.

Meetimer keeps track of the time you spend on each webpage while you're browsing the Internet. As it also enables you to categorize webpages in different groups, at the end of the day you get a pretty accurate idea of how much time you spend on each kind of website. You can create new groups, although they may need a browser restart to be displayed. These statistics may help you to achieve a better time organization and become more proactive.

The extension is free but the author suggests making a donation to charity organizations.

MeeTimer is a very useful tool to monitor where you spend your time online, and to help you be proactive in becoming more productive.

MeeTimer gives you everything from a simple page timer to advanced stats on your usage habits; with a focus on highlighting where your time could be used better (more productive = more free time = better day!).

As it runs all the time, every effort has been made to make it fast & light; and it benefits greatly from Firefox's inbuilt database for speed.



MeeTimer 0.12

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